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Ulcinj is located on the very south of the Adriatic coast on the eastern geographic width like Barcelona and Rome. Together with Island and Hvar it abounds with the largest number of summer days on the Adriatic. Starting with the antique Illyrian settlements from the bronze time, until the first written traces after the Illyrian-Greek war, until the present day, Ulcinj has been an important target for both the Greeks and the Romans and a distinctive bishop center with 365 churches (number of days in a year) in the bishop town Svac - the aim of the strongest Turkish pirates who defied the navy fleets of the Meditarranean: and finally to become the meeting place for tourists from Europe and the world. Of 20 km of beaches, 15 km are covered by fine sand.

Is still an unknown little country on the south of the Mediterranean, often called »the hidden treasure of the Mediterraneans In the heart of the Mediterranean, separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea, on the warm European south, with the freshness of the unknown, this little republic is waiting for you. Only an hour flight from Rome or Budapest or an hour and a half from Zurich and your Montenegrin story may start. It is up to you to choose an intensive life pace on one of 117 sandy beaches on the Adriatic and the rennaisance charm of the tourist resorts on the coast, or to choose the quiet mountain idyll on the Montenegrin mountains, beside the glacier lakes...

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